Whatever challenges you are currently facing as a landlord, whether they are due to finances, location, problem tenants or a change in your circumstances we can help. We pride ourselves in being solution based & together with our team of professional partners we can help you solve your property pain.

One solution you perhaps haven’t considered is guaranteed rent? In essence, we become your tenants; you only need to deal with us and we’ll manage the rest. We provide a a full management service & we take the stress, hassle and also the financial risk when dealing with voids rather than you. Coupled with these benefits there are no set up costs or commission to us and we are happy to work with your letting agent, should you so wish. Visit our Youtube Channel to see our video at Indigo Property Solutions- Guaranteed Rent For Landlords by using this link.

Indigo Property Solutions has an effective management system which ensures that through routine housekeeping and maintenance we closely monitor the upkeep of your asset. We will attentively work with you and /or your Letting Agent to ensure the property is returned at the end of the the contractual agreement in as good as (if not better) condition than at the start.

  • Guaranteed monthly rent over the term of the agreement
  • No voids
  • Agreements are drawn up by solicitors
  • Your property will be looked after, maintained and returned in the same condition, if not better, at the end of the agreement
  • Utility bills serviced by Indigo
  • No phone calls from tenants or neighbours, you only have to deal with us
  • No set up fees, renewal fees or legal fees, we’ll pick that up
  • Indigo Porperty Solutions are happy to work with Letting Agents to create a positive and efficient service to the property owner
  • Equity in your property still grows, whilst receiving passive income & without any input from you at all!!